About Us

The owner of Motion Sounds Entertainment Rob Cachia started his interest in DJing at his elementary school, where he hosted events for his fellow classmates at the age of 13. Since then his interest for DJing different events has grown and eventually led him to start his own disc jockey company Motion Sounds Entertainment as been in business since 1999 with a outstanding team like no other in the industry.

Wedding slow dance with dry ice

Motion Sounds Entertainment has a big roster of DJs and Entertainers are dedicated and committed to working with our clients to create extraordinary and unique events. We develop relationships with our clients to bring them a sense of comfort, trust, and confidence. Our objective is to make the planning experience enjoyable and effortless so that you and your guests will have a memorable time at your event. we strive towards our goal of 100% client satisfaction and to designed to provide all our customers a true representation of what to expect when considering lighting, special effects and upgrades to any of our packages.

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